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About Us

It is the integration of the varied elements of the human environment where Permaculture is best applied

Our Mission

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and people. Permaculture, being bounded by the ethics of care of people, care of earth and reinvestment of surplus, can provide food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.

The specific purpose of the SF Permaculture Guild is to support a local community of those interested in permaculture by producing educational and social events, enabling permaculture projects and providing opportunities to exchange information related to permaculture design.

Our Ethics

The Permaculture Ethics not only guide us, they form the boundaries for all of our work.

Earth Care

The Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without ongoing care and nurturing there will be consequences too big to ignore.

People Care

If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.

Fair Share

We are provided with times of abundance which enables us to share with others

Our Focus

Though mostly known for gardens, farms and landscapes, Permaculture design is applicable to a broad range of fields. It is the integration of the varied elements of the human environment where Permaculture is best applied.

Because of this, we engage is a wide variety of activities not limited to community building, policy work, food security, stormwater management, social justice, disaster preparedness and resilience, and more.

Community Building

In addition to our monthly public gatherings, we have been working at the community level for many years on a wide range of projects.

Policy Work

We pioneered State Legislation AB 551 and continue to maintain the original site holding that status.

Food Security

We have enabled dozens of food security projects in SF since 2006 including Hayes Valley Farm and 18th & Rhode Island Garden,

Stormwater Management

Permaculture has long been at the leading edge of stormwater management and water conservation. All of our projects integrate best practices.

Social Justice

Prioritizing traditionally marginalized communities is central to our ethics and we have been working within key communities in SF for many years.

Disaster Resilience

Building distributed resilience strategies is our work. We have also developed post disaster solutions in partnerships with the Neighborhood Empowerment Network.

Our Team

David Cody


Kevin Bayuk



We send out occasional emails about our projects and interesting events in San Francisco that are related to our work and permaculture or ecology in general.

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