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From public policy to placemaking and urban agriculture, the SF Permaculture Guild has been part of implementing integrated solutions that serve diverse communities.


18th & Rhode Island Permaculture Garden

One of San Francisco’s best kept secrets, the 18th & Rhode Island Permaculture Garden is a regenerative food forest demonstration site .

The garden is located on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill at (surprise) the corner of 18th St and Rhode Island St.

It is open year round, sunrise to sunset, to everyone who would like to visit, harvest or volunteer.


AB 551 – Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act

In partnership with the Urban Agriculture Alliance and California State Assembly members, our garden at 18th & Rhode Island became the prototype site for this import law that allows land owners exemptions from property taxes if their land is put into productive use growing food.

This law has now been adopted in various counties across California and serves as a model for appropriate land use. Our garden at 18th and Rhode Island continues to model productivity for public good on private land.

Hayes Valley Farm

Hayes Valley Farm was a three-year experiment in activating public space for gardening, permaculture, art, education and community.

The project began in January 2010, when San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development gave community members, artists, educators and permaculture designers an interim-use lease at 450 Laguna Street to activate the 2.2. acre lot for green space. The empty lot at Laguna Street and Fell was under the old 101 freeway on-ramp, which had been structurally damaged in the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The lot was slated to be developed into condominiums within a few years. Learn more about the history of Hayes Valley Farm, the plants we grew, and the events and activities we stewarded (over 100 projects within three years).

Bengal Alley Stairs

In partnership with adjacent neighbors, we designed and implemented a productive staircase with many edible, medicinal, and native plantings.

Construction and planting was completed in 2013. This project pioneered an innovative pathway material comprised of recycled and ground sidewalk fines. This material is abundant and has little use, though in this application it resets hard, suffers very little erosion, and has a durability that far exceeds other path fines materials.

SF Glean

In 2009, members of the SF Permaculture Guild began a database mapping project to catalog productive fruit trees around San Francisco that were not being harvested in an effort to harvest that fruit and get it to people who need it the most.

While we harvested trees and built our database, a similar effort was initiated by the SFDPW to map existing trees in the city. This project is no longer active, unharvested trees are still abound, just waiting for us.

Dozens of Small Solutions in SF

We have been an incubator that has and continues to provide support for projects in SF, big and small.

Directors David Cody and Kevin Bayuk have been teaching Permaculture in SF since 2006, training hundreds of designers who have gone on to do their own work, in and out of the city. Across the approximately 36 courses they have taught, design projects that are part of the practicum have created designs for dozens of sites across SF and beyond. Some of those are in place now, and others wait to be realized.


We send out occasional emails about our projects and interesting events in San Francisco that are related to our work and permaculture or ecology in general.

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