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Year Round Productive Gardening in SF

Urban Agriculture Workshop

Learn to design, build and maintain a diverse urban resilience garden through hands-on action and guided discussions.

This workshop is drop-in so you can literally start anywhere and continue as long as you like. We cover a complete set of strategies and techniques using ecological gardening practice and permaculture design.

Register for a Workshop

Urban Agriculture Workshop tickets are good for 1 year from time of purchase and can be used for any workshop in this series.

See event calendar below for individual session details.

You may also pay in person, please arrive 15 minutes early.

Major Topics

Designing with Ecology

  • Natural Patterns in the Urban Environment
  • Design Your Own Urban/Suburban Garden
  • Food Forest Design and Evolution
  • Permaculture Design

Water Strategies

  • Water Conservation and Food Production
  • Garden-scale Irrigation Strategies
  • Water Harvesting in the Urban/Suburban Environment

Soil Transformation & Maintenance

  • Building and Maintaining Soil Health
  • Compost and Worms
  • Compost Teas and Soil Amendments
  • Mycology for the Urban/Suburban Garden

Perennial Agriculture

  • The Value of Trees
  • Designing Guilds and Polycultures
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Year ‘Round Gardening

The Garden is Our Classroom

Established in 2008, the 18th and Rhode Island Permaculture Garden in Potrero Hill, San Francisco has been evolving and maturing into what can now be called an Urban Food Forest.

We have over 40 fruit and nut trees on just 5,000 square feet, interplanted with a diverse array of support, productive, and native plants.

This site is a prime example of solid ecological design in practice and serves as our classroom for this hands-on garden design learning series.


We send out occasional emails about our projects and interesting events in San Francisco that are related to our work and permaculture or ecology in general.

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